30 January 2009

Music for Weather or Weather for Music

So today is a pretty stereotypical day weather-wise in North Western England. I woke up at my usual 5:45 and went for a 4 mile run. It was in the low 30's, quite windy and raining in a really inconsistent manner. Not on again/off again inconsistency, but more like in this squarefoot it was raining heavily and in that squarefoot, not so much. It was indeed kind of like spitting out. Anyhow, it definitely put a haze of melancholy on the morning so I wanted some music to match. Earlier in the week I had listened to a lot of Elliot Smith. Specifically From a Basement on a Hill, which was realeased after the singer died of a kitchen knife wound to the gut. The album is really amazing so if you have not heard it, go to iTunes and do your part for the economy now. I also had listened to Split Lip this week, which brought back a lot of memories most of which are centered around some Knights of Columbus Hall in New Jersey. So today had to be something just right and what really worked was The Decemberists. I did not choose a specific album, but merely shuffled through all I have (which is not actually too much). Anyhow, there was something about all the organs that really made it fit well with my cold, windy, and most of all wet walk from the train station to work this morning. Listening, it made me remember seeing the snowboard film December which chronicles two pro-riders as they tour much less than epic terrain in Eastern Europe during the month of December. Anyhow, there is one bit that takes place in Slovakia where they are riding at this rundown resort that seems to have fallen victim to a crew of loggers. They used a track from The Decemberists for this part which was sad yet very beautiful at the same time. Pretty cool stuff.

So that's it. Just some good music ideas for people who might be interested. If you are not, sorry to waste your time.


  1. Didn't Elliot Smith kill himself with a stab wound to the chest? Gut seems a lot more samurai-like, chest seems a lot more unnecessarily difficult-like...

  2. i've been meaning to purchase From a Basement on a Hill for a really long time and finally just did! And yes, i believe his death was samuri style.

  3. Listening to A Band of Bees today:
    From Isle of Wight!